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EagleBear Lodge

Guest / Concierge Services

Five Star Rentals of Montana will happily assist with:

  • Shopping (you provide the shopping list, we deliver prior to your arrival)
  • Booking Activities (from Snowmobiling to Horseback Riding, Fly Fishing to Tours of Glacier National Park, Boat Rental, Spa Appointments!).  20% Fee over Activity Pricing.
  • Restaurant Reservations
  • A list of recommended activities, local attractions, restaurants, seasonal happenings

Anything is possible, let's chat, (406) 862-5994 or (877) 523-5994

For the holidays...........No time to decorate your vacation rental home?Let us know the items you desire:  decorated door wreaths, mantle and table-top arrangements, or an entire Christmas Tree - all in either fresh-cut or artificial greens.  Cost is $40 per hour plus all decorative materials used.  Package will be determined at the initial consultation.

For the children...........For all things regarding baby and toddler when you don't want to schlep everything with you.., (406) 261-9363.